Cart trouble

  • There was a guy playing on the server and he left his cart in a spot that is in the way. Is there any way to permanently remove that cart? I am the server admin.

  • We found a way to move it for now but its still in the way

  • You should just be able to move it wherever you want by pulling (hand cart) or driving (powered cart) to the location you want to part it. Carts are not "user" only - anyone can move them. Even so if you don't want to just move it for him, anyone can just pick it up and carry it to where they want to part it except when they put it down it will give them a new deed saying it is there cart and the name will change - so its better to pull/drive it. If your the admin and pick it up I guess you could just leave it in his chest or something and when he puts it back down it would have the right name again.

  • I couldn't pick it up or move it. I think if the cart is locked you can't move it and you need the deed to pick it up. It's not a huge deal I am just wondering if there is something I as the admin can do to get rid of the cart.

  • The carts and cars have been bug for a very long time, usually if you see the cart have physics and tilt until the handles hit the ground the cart will work if the cart handles look straight is bug just keep pick it up and placing it until the cart tilts and the handles touch the ground.

    I haven't play the game since 5.5 does the carts and cars keeps disappearing after crossing the 999-000 grid in the map?

  • as a server admin you could spawn in a devtool and use it to completely remove the cart, if you really really need to have it removed.

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