Invite vs Invite Special

  • I want to invite my friend to play. What is the difference between the "Get more invites" ($35) option and the "Invite Special" ($30) option? Does "Invite Special" give me the option to send a key to an email, or how does it work?

  • Sorry I don't know anything about a "invite special" as I don't see that on the web site. If you buy an invite through "get more invites" you will then have an option available to "send invite" and then you can send an invite to your friend's email address. He/she will get an email with instructions on how to create an account and redeem the invitation to get the game. The cost of the game is $40 but once you have the game you can send it to others via the invite system for $35 a copy(invite) and save $5

  • If you bought a 1 pack for 40$ and upgrade to the 2 pack you pay only 30$. I suspect that's what the price different's mean. if so then yes both would give you 1 invite via mail you can use from your account page. In that case it would be cheaper to upgrade to the 2 pack =)

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