Worth $40?

  • Hello everyone! I was looking up game play and reviews and many people have said the game in its current state is not worth $40. What is everyone's opinion?

  • Hi there

    I bought the game back several versions ago and I play it pretty consistently, so its been well worth it for me. I have a lot of friends that play it with me and we have been through a few meteors and keep coming back for more.

    That said this is in alpha and if you are not an "alpha" game type person then just walk away until its in beta and on steam. If you can understand what an alpha is and that there will be bugs; that gameplay may change; and that not all content is in yet but you like to try things out early and like to be part of the feedback to a game of what is working for gameplay - what you would like to see added and so on then its worth it. But you will have to be prepared that sometihng you liked about the game might get removed or changes even when seeing things you did not like getting changed to a way you are happy with. The game is evolving as we play it so you have to be ready to accept change. You also have to accept the fact that its possible you will hit a bug big enough to force the world you are playing on to be reset and so on (although that doesn't happen that much anymore). You do get a chance to get access to "staging" or test builds even before they are declared stable if you really like the testing aspect of being in an alpha. Many people that say the game is not worth it have the problem that it really is a community based game, not something you can take home and play and win on your own. There is no "single player" mode so to speak, although you can put up your own server and play by yourself if you want. You will need to play online with a community to get the most out of the experience and quite a few people bought the game without paying attention to that and then were disappointed. And many people bought it and then discovered what alpha meant and had expected a finished game. Also some of those reviews are several versions old and a great deal more is in the game as, well, several new versions have come and gone. The game is definately worth $40 dollars to me and I continue to buy copies for friends.

  • Thank you for your response.

  • @rentechd said it best. I've nothing to add except that I second her opinion.

  • Bought it a few days ago. Haven't stopped playing it so far, although you do need to find a good group to get yourself involved in since it isn't worth playing alone.

  • Thats another issue lol. I dont know who I would play with if I were to buy it. Any suggestions?

  • With me ofcourse <3

  • Do you have a server?

  • I opened a private chat with you.

  • I think the price is high relative to the market but then I consider the market prices for such games to be too low. In terms of entertainment hours, it is a worthwhile purchase.

  • I've bought worse games for $40 and have not spent half as much time on them as I have on this one. Consider the replayability, and remember it's in alpha.

  • Know this: the grind is real.

  • I am wondering if it is worth it as well, as well as if i get it who could i play with it with, because alot of me friends will not get a game like this. The say its way to grinning for them.

  • I have been watching TONS of videos and am indeed hooked just not sure who I would play with. I already know if I play and want any of my friends to play as well I will have to buy copies for them as well since they do not feel $40 is fair but I think for the amount of work that has been put into this so far and how good it looks in alpha its worth it.

  • @Fishermann There are many servers out there that are public and i have played on quite a few and would recommend them all to new players. For the most part servers are fun and friendly and most people understand it is an alpha and are willing to take time to help new players out and you will make friends in this game quickly I am sure.

  • so i am not the only out there that has the same thoughts and the friends part..... if that is true toxxikz than that would be great than

  • @Fishermann
    Is the game worth it, that a hard question it depends what you expect, Il tell you my experience, ive got the game for 30$ cause a few of my community members wanted to play it so we got the 4pack that gave a little discount,

    My expectations for the game in its current state where not very high as i knew it was very early alpha and i already played a bit of the game before getting my own acount.

    Ive played the game in rounds meaning every big update of the game we started on a fresh server, my first round ive hade around 110 hours of game play out of it over a time period of 22 days ive played it pretty active, my second round was on a new update, but only a few things where new to me and ive played around 35 hours over a time period of 30 days, and my latest round im mostly inactive as i know most of the game, im waiting for the game to get some new mayor updates, and then il play again, or wait even a bit longer so there it a lot more to explore and its a lot of fun again.

    My best experience of the game i hade was the first round every thing new, i hade the luck i hade a great team of people to play with, lots of team work, some laughs on discord.

    So my opinion is for me the 30$ was definitely worth it, but i knew what to expect, and ive played a total of 150 hours for those 30$, and it will be more but that will be in time as the game develops it could take a year or more before the game is fully released who know ;),

    Ive encountered, lots and lots of bugs, and ive encountered lots and lots of bug fixes by the developers since ive played the game, so i would say there doing a great job.

    If your up for a game that not finished, and like to be part of the whole process of seeing how the game changes, both good changes and changes you might not like, i would buy it.

    If you expect a game that works flawless, and has a good endgame better wait, till its in more developed state.

    Hope this helps,
    Greetings Zaskersky,

  • After 30 minutes of doing nothing but walking and jumping, and not realizing before hand I'll have to do more research to learn this game than I've had to any other game I've ever played, I would go with, no it's not worth $40.

  • I'm not sure what he means by having to research for this game. I haven't had to touch Google or look anything up while playing it. A few times I probably should have glanced around but eh, I never do no matter how complex the game is. Pretty lazy here.

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