Server Crash bug

  • Hello all. I was able to run a server at home with no issues until this morning. Now the server service crashes before it can get started. The message in the dump logs is "Eco.Core.dll' because it is being used by another process." I have reset and restarted my computer to ensure no other processes are running. Any help would be great.

  • Are you running the server on the same machine as you are running the client?

    Have you tried saving your existing world somewhere and staring a fresh world?

  • Yes I am, is that an issue? Could not figure it out. Have started a new server and have had zero issues.

    Thanks for the help!!!

  • Usually its fine to run both on the same hardware but some people have had issues, which is why I asked.

    Since you were able to start again - on a fresh world it sounds like you had a corrupt world and that is why you were crashing. Usually when that happens you can just go back to an earlier backup and then go on from there

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