Deed and claimed land glitch.

  • I've had this issue on 3 servers now. One was unmodded, I'm not sure about the second, and then my own server running 5.5.4 and the default ClaysTK mod pack. Last night was my own server, I was the only one online and talking to Pam on the ECO discord as it happened. I put down all 10 starter construction posts on the top of this plateau and started building a house in the middle of them. About a hour and a half later I crafted 5 more to finish claiming the rest of the plateau and the posts wouldn't highlight any of the plots. My claimed one's weren't yellow or red and unclaimed ones weren't green. I could place the posts but they would say "Nobody's Construction Post" and I could put as many down as I wanted all right next to each other. The deed never left my bag. Pam suggested that I try the admin command /claim. When I did it said you already own this. So I tried /unclaim and it said this is already public. Clicking the same commands on the deed itself gave the same results. I went around and /unclaim'd each little plot that was highlighted on the map and then tried to claim the deed again, and it said the same thing. Pam suggested that I restart the server and erase my appdata. After doing that the deed said it didn't claim any land and all of the coordinates were gone from the tool tip. Now all of the craft tables say Nobody's and I can't reclaim the land at all. I'm inclined to think my character data is the source of this issue, since it has happened on multiple servers now.

  • WM in the discord server pointed out that I had crafted the wrong posts and that's why I couldn't claim more land. The deed issue will still need to be investigated. I'll be testing variables this evening.

  • Lol WM. :)

  • Oh that's why I asked if you were using the ones that you /give to replace the ones that got lost or were using the ones you got when reading a scroll - cause I was wondering if there was someting wrong with the /give ones

  • I haven't had time to test the /give claim posts. There was still something wrong with the deed. I'm in the process of testing different things on my server to try and replicate the problem.

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