[client bug] 5.5.4 Cant open doors with shovel inhand

  • Server, Client or Website?

    • Client

    OS/Web Browser?

    • Windows

    Detailed Description of Issue:

    • Holding a shovel in your hand and right clicking doesnt open the door, but it does for other tools or open hand.

    Reproducible? How difficult is it to reproduce?

    • other members on the server had the same issue when i pointed it out, havent created a new server to try it on there as i dont know if it is possible to spawn a door in instead of spending hours grinding one out.

    Steps to reproduce bug/issue:

    • hold shovel inhand, right click door

    Additional Comments:

    Client Version?

    • 5.5.4

  • 18 days ago, i should check github in future instead of this forum for wether bugs have been reported or not.


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