New ideas...

  • Hey, I hope the dev team is reading this.
    I love the game so far & have some ideas for future implementations.
    Here's a list of things that i would personally love to see in future updates:

    • Crouching mechanic (Is there a reason it is not implemented yet?)

    • Weather (Rain, Snow, Storms, Thunder... Maybe even with devestating effects upon the planet as the climate worsens)

    • Boat vehicles to traverse water (Like small sailboats and a new skill tree related to Navy)

    • More animals, such as horses that are tameable.

    • More customization options for the players appearance

    • Ability to run (stamina system which is closely related to the nutrition intake, worsens when only eating fatty foods per say)

    • User Interface overhaul (I like it how it is now but it could be a bit more seamless for the player to use and less clunky)

    Thats all i could think of right now, i hope some of these things are considered useful.

  • @Traveflow

    A crouching mechanic isn't really useful for anything, but could probably be a thing to add in the future.

    Weather is definitely something they're going to be looking at, but they're working on other features at the moment.

    Boats and other water content will be added in a future update, nothing else is really known about this at the moment.

    There will probably be more animals and plants in the future.

    Customization will be a bit more opened up in 5.6, and probably even more in later updates.

    Running would be a neat feature to have, but I doubt it will come any time soon.

    UI will be reworked as the game progresses. The main focus at the moment is on content.

    Thanks for the great suggestions :D

  • Depends who you ask. Crouching is necessary to me, just wasn't gonna complain yet because the game is only in alpha. Would be perfect for better sneaking on animals while hunting (at the cost of moving slower) and necessary for building tall/sky structures efficiently.

  • I also think a crouch would be very handy for when your working at different elevations. Dig higher up and then crouch to get that extra little bit of distance down so you can place a block further down is really handy. Or your having a hard time clicking something at a angle below you crouching makes that easier. Just my two cents.

  • Valid points actually, I take back what I said about crouching. I hadn't thought about it that way.

  • animal husbandry and specifically horses would be a great bridge from hand carts to powered horse, ie horse drawn carts

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