New Mod: More Food!

  • Upgraded To Version 2!

    Greetings one and all!

    This mod makes Molecular Gastronomy useful as well as food items in the game that does nothing. It adds seven new food items!


    To install, just unzip this in your Server's Mod Directory! It is best to Install this on a new server, or if anyone has yet to learn Molecular Gastronomy!


    Speed and Efficiency to Molecular Gastronomy.

    Molecular Gastronomy:

    Rank 1
    Cheese Pizza

    Rank 2

    Rank 3
    Meaty Pizza
    Veggie Pizza

    Rank 4
    Chips & dip
    Chicken Fajita

    Any feedback would love to hear, as well as any other suggestions!

  • Is there any reason that the advanced culinary prep efficiency wouldn't unlock or is there another book for that? I already know molecular gastronomy

  • It will only unlock when you first learn the skill and spend a point. If you already knew the skill and spend the point before the mod installed there is no way to learn that Eff. I will work on a quick fix for you!

  • Thanks a lot for trying to fix it so I can get it. Great work though i like the mod

  • Was told that there was a mod that helps with this, called Skill Reset. It would be a heck a lot faster than me rewriting code and such. Hopes it helps!

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