Penguin Server

  • Hello,

    I am thepenguinmaster and I am starting up a community of Eco players. I host currently one server, but have room to expand.

    Come join us on the Penguin Server!

    Server: Penguin Server Large
    Meteor: NOOOOPE!

    Our map is very large so there is room for more players. We are running a 200x200 map, which is near the top limit of what Eco can currently support. I have also experimented with 1kx1k which I will be working on again once I gain developer access!

    I am planning to host multiple worlds once we are fully setup. By profession I am a software developer, and this is a hobby for me. I plan to make custom plugins to assist with reliability, communication, and overall experience. With enterprise quality hardware, and development experience, I am well equipped to host a great community. In the past, I have ran a large Minecraft Community int he past with great success, and look forward to moving to Eco. Eco provides the functionality and developer relationships to not only empower communities, but also create a safe place to play.

    I have a great dedicated physical server in a datacenter. It has 128GB of ram, fully redundant power supplies, redundant networking connection to the public internet, and over 12TB of RAID 5 storage with full backups. The server is running two 8 core intel CPUs so there is plenty of processing to go around!

    Come and join us. Stake a claim on the new frontier that is the Penguin Server!

  • Man, as a polar bear this is really tempting, what kind of nutrition do I get from a penguin? :D

    Seriously though, this might become my new go-to server. Where is it located?

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