World Leader, Election, And new law

  • Client side on a server

    Windows version of the game

    I just was elected leader on the server and received 25 land claims instead of 15. The world leader is showing up as John, random election going on that says I voted for george(there is no george on the server). the current speech is a mash of dfgasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf asdfdfdfasdfa sdfadsf..., also there is a law that is a twisted version of what I tried to purpose but it has cannot kill 3 elk in a day that has 2 days to be voted on and the same speech that i mentioned above for the election. NONE of this is showing up on the website

    im not sure how to reproduce these bugs... I will say the laws and what not were only done less than a full day into the game so maybe because the election skill wasnt researched this might be messing it up

    additional comments: I'd like to have this fixed or have some sort of a workaround for it.

    client and server 5.5.4

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