Server Elections, Laws etc.

  • I am wondering how to get an election started on my server? I have a town hall, treasury and a mint but I still cannot see anything about starting an election. I went to the webserver site and when I try to click "Run for Office" it says "You must access from the game server". And when I try to create new laws it says "Could not verify username and authtoken". I tried looking online but there is nothing on the wiki about it yet. Please help.


  • Try the following, without skipping any steps.

    • Close game
    • Close your browser
    • Close server
    • Open server
    • when Server has fully booted, open the game,
    • Find and connect to server
    • With your browser closed, when the game loads, and you are fully connected, click the Graphs icon on the bottom right
    • Try clicking run for office now and see if this fixes the problem

  • I got it to work now. I guess it doesn't work with Internet Explorer. You have to use Google Chrome =/

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