It's Earth Day

  • I think the game should have a discount on Earth Day. Just sayin'.

  • Because it's all about the planet.

  • Maybe for an upgraded account, like a discount to be able to tame a wolf or whatever that perk account has. However, I don't think Earth day would be a justifiable reason to discount the game itself. Not for any particular reason, that is just opinion.

    But you did spark an idea, if somehow people could demo the game on earth day? Or like make it an earth week? It would be a cool feature for next year. See a bunch of people that were considering the game jump onto servers for the sake of earth day and try it out (hopefully learning something!) I guess you could call it a temporarily upgraded account?

    Just my thoughts!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Shaun "Mick" Coyne
    ign: mickhatesgames

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