LAN server resetting

  • I have had a LAN server running on my computer for the past 2 weeks now. Earlier I had restarted my computer and the LAN server was completely reset to Day 1. Every time I shut the server manager down, it resets the server to a brand new world. This completely ticks me right off. 2 weeks of work completely gone. I am asking how I can get that save data back and running on my LAN server. If there is no solution, then I would like a refund back. Thanks.

  • Did you properly shut down the server every time?

    This isn't an issue I've ever heard of before. The world save should be in the file in your "%server_files%\storage", which shouldn't be affected by a restart at all.

    If you want a refund you can e-mail SLG support at and explain your issue.

  • If the server is installed correctly there should be backups stored in the /Storage/backups/ directory. In there should be the backups you have scheduled in - by default a backup every 30 minutes and by default it keeps the last 5.

    the problem is that if its restarting the game fresh on a scheduled reboot then it would be backing up that new world and only saving 5 of the latest backups so that your backups with the world you worked in will be gone. What i would do first is edit your file (configuration file) and change it to look like this, this will save the game every 30 minutes and save 24 hours for you.:

    "$id": "1",
    "BackupFrequencyInMinutes": 30,
    "NumBackupsToKeep": 47

    OR - this will save the game every hour and save 24 hours worth for you:

    "$id": "1",
    "BackupFrequencyInMinutes": 60,
    "NumBackupsToKeep": 23

    Now once you have that set up and restarted your world you game will start making a backup every 30-60 minutes (depending on what you set) and it will save a days worth so you should be able to go back right before the restart and find the backup to us. It will be named with the date and time of the save. Just rename it to "" (case sensative) and it should load it back up and no problem.

    I would also consider setting up an external backup script that runs on your server once a day and zips up a copy of /Storage/, /Storage/ and /Storage/Backup/.

    Then you would have all the backups from a whole day and the most current Game and at the time you ran the script - probably bets to run that right before you do your restart.

    The big question here is why is a restart deleting your file which is why the game is starting over each time. The only way a world gets 'reset' and you start over is if the game does not find a file to load. Simply stopping the game and starting it back up should not be removing any files so you need to look at what that process is that you are running that does the restart - it almost sounds like you have a reinstall script running that is deleting everything and installing all new files. If that is the case BE CAREFUL because this would mean it would also delete all your backups (no matter how many you have made during the day) when you do this restart. I would manually save (copy and paste them) somewhere else on your computer until you know that your processes are not completely deleting and reinstalling your game each time you do a restart.

    This is not a bug but some problem with how teh game has been installed/set up and how its set up to be managed. The backup process has been running just fine with the servers and there is actually no mechanisim that would delete these storage files. In addition the is stored to a file named each time it starts up. I suspect that you don't get to see that file after a restart because there is something wrong with how you have this set up which is causing your computer to reinstall the game and not 'restart' the server. there is some old posts/info out on the web instructing people to reinstall the server over and over instead of just resetting the and or just starting and stopping the server. I am not sure if that info was put out there to troll people or if, at one time very early on, the only thing you could do to control the game was reinstall but because of that we have had to remove options for users to even access the 'reinstall' option

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