looking for poeple to play with

  • hello im new looking for a few people to play with maybe 10max im an vacation for 2weeks so im free ;] want to start a town and such let me know if interested

  • I have moved your post to the forum for posting about Game Servers so that people will be more likely to see it and respond. Its always helpful to look around a forum a bit an see what categories are available to post in so you can get your post in a place where it will get the most attention.

    You can also go to the Eco Official Discord server and there is a channel there called 'server_ads where you can read about servers there looking for new players, talking about their servers, people looking for others to lay with and so on. You can also leave a comment in there telling people what you are looking for.

    Another place to look up servers is at ecoservers.io.

    If you check server names in the in-game browser many often list their discord or teamspeak server URL so you can contact them that way.

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