Skill points per day resets to 0.0 on re log

  • Sometimes on the server gaining skill points after eating and my stomach is at least 50% or fuller. I log off and then back on and it says that I am now gaining 0.0 skill points and stomach is still at the fullness it was when I logged off. This happens even after a short times - say just a few minutes.

    At this point I can eat something very small, even a bean, and the skill points will reset to what they were before I logged off. That works about half the time. The other half all I do is start building back up the skill points again with food again although I am not out of food and I need to do a /vomit to clear what is in my stomach making 0.0 so that I can get skill points back up again. This is apparently why I can log off sometimes for many hours - half a day or so and make no additional skill points while I was gone.

    Other times I can log off and then when I log back in my skill points are where they were before I logged off and I accumulated skill points while I was gone

  • The problem is your stomach.

    Lol what I mean is...

    Normally you have 3000 cal. Max, but some skills bump it up. When it does it STILL think you have a max of 3000. So, when you lose 3000, you stop getting skills.

    I do not know if this is a bug, as it IS still shown on the tooltip.

  • If that is the case then I would call it a bug because it does not do this all the time and when your stomach is half full at 3000 calories, if this is the case, you should still be getting skill points. It definably is not showing empty - you have to vomit to get it to register empty

  • Yes, we'll what is strange that I noticed, is that it will show like 125/3000 but you really have 2125. If you eat something that is 500 then you would have 625/3000 but think you should be ok cuz you see 2625. Why I learn to check tooltip before I log after I got big stomach.

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