Forum view count being abused,

  • Ive seen some servers who went from lets say for example 200 views after 12 days to a few thousand views a day later with no mayor changes in there topics.
    this is not serious problem but, it would be nice if forum view count would represent what it was intended for, how many people showed interest in a server cause it hase/hade information that people wanted to read or revisit a the forum topic cause its a good server.
    i see topics/server post of people who on purpose manipulate a posted topic by increased its view count to a non realistic number. compared to the amount of registered forum members/players.

    For further details contact me on pm please, or if already aware of this iseau close this topic thank you for taking the time to read this, (ps i tested out how to get a high view count on this topic.)

  • I think this might be an issue with bots, and not really something we can do much about, unless there's a way to only count views from certain users or something.

  • IP checks and user authentication. The little "I'm not a robot" check when logging into the forums. Just an idea. I have no idea if it is a good idea.

  • I think easysest solution would be to not registrate more then 1 view count per ip per day,

  • From experience, I have had many issues when creating websites, the best solution that I have made for a site that I like the most is,

    Register hits only when you monitor the patern of pages visited, if a user was on topic 2265 and they went to 2265, that means that they literally refreshed the page. so we did not count that, but when they go back to another page and re-visit it, and no new posts were done, the view count will not count upwards.

    It's not the easiest to implement but it should be easy enough to have a better representation of the number.

    @mickhatesgames the problem with that when you revisit the ecoforums, you still have the session active, so after login, you can easily cheat the view count ;)

  • lol ctrl+F5 hold down

  • @thepenguinmaster that will not work with the workaround I added ;) as the patterns are stored on the server and not in your browser ;)

  • @ClayC The workaround would definitely fix the problem I agree.

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