A Look into the Law System

  • The law system of ECO is something I'm looking forward to. It's a great idea but it seems to be quite early in development. With the zoning aspect shown on the facebook site it will make a huge jump towards being more useful. However I'd like to know where the idea is thought to lead to.

    Currently we have the possibilities to limit:

    • Crafting of
      • Tailings
    • Killing of
      • Camas
      • Cedar
      • Bunchgrass
      • Huckleberry
      • Common Grass
      • Hare
      • Elk
      • Wolf

    With this currently (5.5.4) being the full list it's obvious that it isn't complete yet, so this is no complaint :)

    Playing some hours on different servers I had the chance to see some laws in action and wondered what players come up with to make up for the missing possibilities. A "craft max 2 Tailings per 1 day" to save the diminishing Wheat poopulation isn't that useful at all ;) So I think this list of "Killing" actually needs every plant and animal in game.

    Following the thought consequently brings us to the question why it shouldn't be possible to restrict the "Crafting" of any item in game? We don't want tailings? Let's also restrict the crafting of Bloomeries. This may lead to a very complex and thus limiting law system with the ability for players fairly advanced in the skill tree to build up a monopoly. I want to sell my Powered Carts? Let's restrict crafting of Wood Carts and Wainwright Tables to zero. If the parliament is on holiday I'll get my monopoly quite easy ;) So we also need countermeasures i.e. to cancel a law. Maybe I didn't just see the right button for that though.

    What I also discovered was the fact that a law that limits Killing of Common Grass only forbids using the Scythe on a the grass although the plant isn't removed. It just prevents me from getting Plant Fibers which I needed to craft a Research Table. But I could easily use my Shovel to remove the Dirt Block on which the grass was growing on. So this law didn't save the grass but just limited my progress. Is there a possibility to prevent the Dirt Blocks protected plant are gowing on from being dug up? So using a Scythe on a Common Grass plant should be allowed because it actually does no harm. For Wheat which disappears when harvested with the Scythe things look different. This has to be prevented if there is an active law (which currently isn't possible, see above), don't you think?

    Having mentioned prevention of digging up Dirt, are there plans to prevent/limit mining i.e. "pickaxing", "shoveling" or even "placing" blocks in certain zones? Like a nature reserve.
    I could also imagine a law that restricts mining iron ore mayba as an alternative for limited crafting of iron ingots. So players can be "encouraged" to invest points in efficiency.

    One thing that quite annoyed me was a guy who propsed a law that wasn't useful at all (see above). On the first try the law was voted with "no" by the
    majority and I was quite content. But he stubbornly started a second try with the same parameters and it got voted "yes" on the second try. IRL i'd call such
    a guy stubborn like a little child: "But I want that" (desperately stamping his foot ;) ) IMHO a repeated try of the exact same law proposal by the same
    person should be prevented. How do real life law systems handle that case? I don't know.

    The automtic law breaking prevention is necessary as long as there is no criminal justice system. Will that be a server configuration or will the law breaking prevention completely be taken out of the game? I'd prefer the configuration option ;)

    So this were just my thoughts and questions on the law system. Maybe we want to discuss it here or you have additional ideas?

    Cya :)

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