Troll detection tools for server admins

  • I had reports today that another player (players on the server dont know who exactly) placed tailings near someones wheat garden to kill the crops and also chopped down an entire forest near that group of players. It would be nice to be able to track who is doing this kind of thing in game. Maybe a feature that allows the admin to see where a particular player has been in the last 12 or 24 hours and even what they were doing?

  • That kind of log might be very big.
    It has to be sorted though, or amount of information will be unreadable

    x chopped tree at 939,20
    x ate 1x huckleberry at 939,20
    x ate charred meat at 939,20
    x chopped tree at 938,209
    x claimed zone xxx,yyy
    x ate 1x huckleberry at 938,209
    x chopped tree at 945, 201
    x ate 1x huckleberry at 945, 201
    more examples

    Imagine this sorted process:

    x chopped tree at 939,201; 938,209; 945, 201; more numbers
    x claimed zones xxx,yyy; xxy, xyy; xyy, xxy; more numbers
    x ate 3x huckleberry (939,201; 938,209; 945, 201), 1x charred meat (939,201), more numbers

    As I am not sure how and if that kind of data is stored I am not sure about whole idea, although I would support that.

  • Could have it be a sort of opt-in thing in the config which allows you to select the blocks/actions to log.

  • Server report system like the law system where we can put links with screenshots/videos and it will auto save the log from the last 15-20-30min (global chat and all players activities) and link the reported player name. The admin can put an email to receive notifications about reports with a link to the page with the information (only accessed by admins).

  • I like the opt in thing...perhaps you could put players on "watch" or something. Like a "Yellow Alert" for new players or those who might be suspects in the crime. If the players think there is a chance they are being monitored perhaps they will be less likely to troll in the first place?

  • eco server does not log this kind of actions, if it did the eco servers would be more resource demanding and in need of more hard drive storage space,

    Im no programmer, but if a mod for loging this would be developed, the mod would need pretty deep access into eco server event,
    maybe its possible in the future to develop a mod like this, and run in on mysql,
    (same logic as Logblock for minecraft could be applied here, depending if the server event system is a bit similar.)

  • I think a 'detector' like what you are asking for might be a great 'mod' option. Maybe not such a good in game admin tool as part of the default game: Here is why:

    You are looking for a tool to control what you see as 'trolling' by placing those tailings - while it may not be trolling per se but game play in lets say the form of "illegal" dumping. Whats more fun, discovering the culprit by in game methods or just having the SA read a log. And as it is 'dumping' is not illegal or punishable unless you make it so on your server.

    What things your might see as a person exploiting game play to make another unhappy (which it could be don't get me wrong) in other ways might be someone just playing out the reality of how they handle refusage and recycling. Logging and posting info like this server wide would take the fun out of the game for many others in other cases, so it would need to be something to be opted in to, not something that had to be turned on.

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