Curious inquiry

  • I've been watching this game for the past 5 months or so and I really want to play but sadly I can't seem to get anyone I play with interested or interested enough to buy the game, I understand the price and you won't hear my complaining as I understand what they are trying to do with the pricing structure and how they are approaching it.

    So you've seen my backstory and now the reason I'm here, Since I can't seem to get any of my friends interested in taking the dive into the world of eco with me I'm looking to see if there are a group of people who are new or newish and looking to take the plunge as well and play and enjoy the game together. I'm really hoping for a new server with new people so I can get that genuine feeling of trying to figure out what we can do and what to do.

    If you have or are the solution to my situation please leave a reply to this thread as maybe there are some others like me. Thanks for reading :D

  • There are a lot of different servers around. You can either look around the forums here, or join the Discord channel ( where a lot of us are active throughout the day, you'll surely find some like-minded people there :D You could also try a public server out, just to try and meet others who may be new to the game.

  • I have to second MGrrand3's idea about joining the Official Discord channel. Pretty much anyone with an active server pops in from time to time and will see if you post there and ask about active servers and tell you about them.

    I maintain 2 public servers - one in the UK and one in the US for anyone to join and play on. The US server has an in-game admin IBGamingZ who is more then willing to show you around/help you out. Its a fairly new world since the previous one corrupted and we had to start over. Its a really friendly server and they are doing some great stuff there :)

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