Liberalist's Hideout goes public

  • Hi everyone,

    are you looking for a server to play on?

    Currently on our server we are 2 guys being quite self sufficient i.e. we can do the things we need on our own but as you can imagine at a not so perfect cost. That's why we are looking for other players to join so we can build an efficient society where everyone can build his dream.

    The story so far: I began playing on a German speaking server where I met 3 English speaking guys and we had a lot of fun forming a little community and helping each other out. Only thing was the conversation with the other players sometimes forced me to translate. And I had no possiblity to help others in antagonizing the bugs in game e.g. replacing a disappeared cart. So I decided to rent a server and take the English speaking guys with me which worked out quite well in the beginning. So we started to build a little town, each one with his own property and a plan in mind in what trade to specialize in eventually. Being such a small number of people requires you to find the right balance between specialization and generalization so it was kinda tricky to please everyone as one of the guys strictly headed into carpentry without being able to care for a minimum of food for himself. You can imagine the consequence: He didn't come to a reasonable amount of skill point gain, felt being treated unfair until he rage quit two days ago with a second guy leaving shortly after for thinking that we are not enough people to be able to create something useful. I think he also had other personal reasons I don't dive into here. So there are only two people left and it begins to get boring.

    Why did I tell you this story? Because it's a good example of what not to expect. Heavy specialization (in the meaning of having no clue about other things than the profession one chooses) imho is only a good thing in a society big enough to ensure that the gap caused by the lack of generalizaion WILL be (not only can be) closed by others. When I take a look at other servers that prevent or disallow you to skill another profession than your chosen one then I feel quite restricted. I don't like that. If the community is big enough and people have a minimum of intelligence specializations will evolve naturally. The more people there are the smaller will be the niches one can specialize in. If e.g. there's no provisioner at all to offer good food for a reasonable amount of whatever I can specialize in Campfire Cooking, Campfire Creations, Baking, Culinary Arts and maybe even Agriculture and Milling. If there's a farmer, I may omit Agriculture and trade my needed ingredients for food I make of them. If there's a cook good at Campfire Creations making a lot of Wild Stew I can specialize even further into Baking to complement the Wild Stew with Baked Meat and Camas Bulb Bake (which in combination of 1:1:1 gives a steady 145.5 points per day, see my other post linked below). For the Baked Meat I'll need a good deal with a hunter. And so on. Finding this balance imho is the crucial part of this game that makes it so interesting. Of course it is easier to find the balance if the community has a strong leader that cares for it but this comes at the cost of reduced freedom. That's why I called the server "Liberalist's Hideout", to make clear that each one is self responsible. For that to succeed every single community member needs an understanding of the game and it's mechanics. You are looking for something you can't do on your own or don't want to wait for the skill points that will allow you to do it? First: Have a look at the Economy Viewer. Second: If you don't find it there ask the community. If no one is able or willing to help you, you'll have to wait for your skill points. But if you can offer something useful to the one who's able to do the job you're looking for, he (given he's intelligent too) will trade this for that.

    So the rules on the server break down quite simple:

    1. Be able to care for yourself
    2. If you need something be able to offer something
    3. Ask for help. The answer may be some kind of expectation.
    4. Don't expect gifts. (That doen't mean there are no gifts though)
    5. Don't be a jerk. Destroying the environment by purpose (e.g. distribute Tailings all around) is just stupid.
    6. Do whatever you want as long as you don't restrict someone else's freedom. (The core principle of Liberalism, kinda equal to "Don't be a jerk")
    7. Understand the game. If you don't know how to play, you may watch some "Let's play" videos, that's what helped me most. Read the forum, there is a lot of advice. If you didn't find it there you still can ask the community. Principle here: Think first.
    8. Common language is English.

    If you can live with the mentioned rules and are not frightened by them feel free to join:
    The server's located in Germany and (as you can surely tell from what I wrote) I'm not a native English speaker but to be understood by everyony we stick to the common language.

    Current status (19 Apr):

    • Day 10
    • Meteor: 60 days (web frontend shows 30, don't know what's true, maybe we switch it off completely as long as the Lasers are so tricky to handle)
    • Research almost finished (currently into Electronics and Advanced Baking)

    To give you a good start, there'll be skill scrolls and beginner's food available for a resonable price. You don't need to build a Research Table. But you may of course. To better understand game mechanics please read my other posts:

    Hope I didn't scare you :)
    Best regards
    See you online

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