Surviving the impact of the meteor

  • Is there a way for your stuff to survive the meteor impact? Can you dig a deep tunnel into the world and put all your stuff into it...then the meteor impacts, you die, but your stuff doesn't get destroyed?

  • Anyone? Players? Developers? Scholars? Big man upstairs?

  • The lasers (made in the computer lab iirc) can prevent the meteor from breaking everything. I believe getting the book for the computer lab is broken in 5.5.4 though, so you'll need an admin to cheat it in once you get there. The lasers take a long time to charge, and I'm honestly not 100% sure how they function either, but that should at least get you going.

    There are probably some people on Discord ( who can help you out with more info on it though.

  • There is no player death so I assume you don't die when the meteor hits but I have never seen a world after the meteor hits - but I understand there is pretty much nothing left so even if you did dig deep enough to survive the impact I am not sure you could survive after it - like have food and other stuff you need once your supplies run out.

    If you don't want to deal with a meteor at all or want to build for a long time before the meteor comes you can set your server to have no meteor or set it not to show up for any number of real days you want to play. I know of many servers that have the meteor set for 180 day (6 month real life game play). So you do have options

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