End Game

  • Hello, I was just wondering, as the game is now, can you prevent the meteor from striking, or does it need more development ?
    And is there a list somewhere with the different vehicles that can be made?
    Finally maybe a list of tech implemented so far?

    // Wolf

  • you should check the wiki, also the meteor can be turned off

  • I have seen the Wiki page, It is really lacking information!

  • As of right now I believe you can only prevent the meteor using lasers (or turning it off) although the functionality of these can be very buggy, and I don't really know just how they work.

    As for the future, I believe other natural catastrophes have been planned, among others a drought, which I think could be very interesting.

  • Okay, well a road map would be really good, but as I can understand there is no such thing available to the public, any other machines to help getting resources other than doing it by hand?

  • The best way to find out what they're working on right now is to either follow the codestream on Discord to see what's being worked on currently: https://discord.gg/ge3JDp2

    or you can follow their Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/EcoVideoGame/ where they've been more active recently with some videos of upcoming features.
    I think a proper roadmap has been suggested before, but I'm not sure if that's a priority for the devs right now.

    There isn't much in terms of automation yet. 5.6 will add an excavator which will be very helpful for getting dirt/terraforming, but apart from that it's pretty much all manual labor I think.

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