SUGGESTION: Hydroelectric Powers, Dams, Flow Gates

  • I would LOVE to have hydroelectric powers. That was one of the fun thing about "Dig or Die" game with their water physics and making a dam. If you added this, with the water physics you guys plan to do. This would be so awesome. This could really change how the ecosystem works. It could affect river flows, adjust soil content due to the river flow reduced. It could allow you to create man-made reservoirs etc. It would be also great to add Switch Gates, runoffs etc. All controlling the river flow etc. You could even build early wood dams. Make the hydroelectric dams generators produce power based on the power of the river current etc. Of course this would probably be pretty high on the CPU of the server if someone would to create a dam then destroy it, causing it to flood. But again you could do water physic prediction as that is possible since you can have 'look advance' concept. Whereas based on the amount of volume the water is at, you can then determine based on the river bed, determine the speed, flow, and based on that you can use 'particles'/'effects that simulate tidal waves, then have it adjust the water height as it moves. The particle effects would be an illusion to the constant changes which would just simply change. Players would see the effect more so than the actual water changes. They'll be like OH shit! Get out of the way haha.... You can then tell where the water flow would end up being over time. Have it destroy anything in it's path. Of course remember... What you do can affect the ecosystem others around you. World Generators could make it so that river zoning is automatically added to prevent players from adding things to the river that can adjust the flow of the rivers etc. as I could see trolls go in build a dam and destroy it causing others to loose their crops/trees because of it. I am sure you guys can come up with a logical solution to make it so that it can be FUN and enjoyable without having trolls be jerks.

  • I really would love to see more mechanics added to water in general. This would also presumably add a current which would let you bring logs downstream, although that might be tricky to code, since the rivers currently are so narrow and windy for the most part.

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