04/17/2017 Server issues??

  • Is anyone else having a really hard time logging in and staying logged in? It keeps kicking me out of the game and it's extremely hard to harvest and plant anything today. Is something being updated today or has it been like this for a few days? I haven't really had a chance to play through this weekend.


  • What servers? there are like hundret community hosted servers .. somethimes they need a restart. and what version are you on ?

  • The Crew- Eastern US. You'll have to be patient with me because I'm not use to games like this. I don't really play video games all that much on the computer and if I do it's normally through steam or I use my counsels. It just seems like the cycle and beets don't want to harvest and or keep getting booted from the server. It has gotten better since the 17th.

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