Web Interface Enhancements

  • I thought I had read this somewhere, but perhaps not.

    I thought the purpose of the web interface was so that players could have meaningful interactions with the game (like making and voting for laws as well as buying/selling things) while not being able to be in-game. Currently it appears that you have to initiate the web interface from within the game. If this is the intention, I have to wonder why there is a web interface at all? the same menus and options can be made available from within the game's GUI and it would be much more seamless that way.

    My preference would be for the web interface, but only if I can initiate change without having to login to the game.

  • Yes exactly, we will add that, the trick is getting authentication to work, since it needs to query an authtoken from our service. We'll need to create a cross-domain registration.

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