Objects loading after entering game takes a long time

  • Not really a bug, but load times once in the game. I have a video that shows it took 43 seconds for my second research table to be viewable and usable in game. While slow loading times wouldn't be much of an issue for me normally in this scenario it does become problematic and allows for griefers to take advantage of it.

    If it is taking 20-30 seconds for doors to load a griefer can easily access my locked house while I am offline and help themselves to any items in my public storage. Here is where the scenario part roles into this.... I have two other people on my lease, they use my tables to create items as they have higher efficiencies than me, but I have higher efficiencies at research, so they place the items into public storage so that I can do the research next time i log on.

    Due to the loading issues griefers have been able to take advantage of this, get items and then use the unstuck command, or just log off and back on to exit the building.

    The server is a dedicated server running 16 Gigs of ram with an up to date processor, and the client is being run on and Asus gaming laptop g752vt with 32 gigs of ram and windows 10. This is Alpha 5.5.4 version. also FPS can be seen in top left corner, it does not appear to be a lag issue.

    Here is the video link:


  • I can hear you breath!!!!!!!!

    also know issue ;) https://github.com/StrangeLoopGames/EcoIssues/issues/678

  • @NoBlackThunder thanks, more of an annoyance than anything, but never fun when you log in expecting to make 200 fences for someone only to find that the lumber you had set aside for it is all gone lol, nothing that can't be replaced

  • yea this also is getting used as an exploid too to get into houses with locked doors

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