Mod Ideas

  • Tables have no room requirements. (32 mortared stone, size etc"

    10x shovel instantly upon unlocking the shovel.

    Creative mode. (Annoying to use the "/give SearchAndSelectItem" command multiple times"


  • for the /give you can do
    /give SearchAndSelectitem,Quantity

    I disagree with the others though as it defeats the purpose of the requirements

  • I agree with clay, this game is meant as a learning and teaching simulation...its not minecraft.

  • This is only "mods", useful if you would like to simplify making something quick on your own server, and not implement it onto other servers...
    Only reason I want this is because I want to learn techniques by myself and find solutions.

  • Well you can use admin commands to give yourself skill points or any item in game so if it's a personal server you can reach endgame in about an hour if you really want

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