Current account issues

  • Howdy ! seems like we have some account issues again ! .. i am going trough mail first and then i wil go trough the forums. Jeff is looking into what caused this and attempts for fix it asap. Thanks for your patience !


    I now did go trough all mails and i should have send a mail to everyone ... going trough forums soon. But if you still have issues please send us a mail on or pm me on discord =)

    Update 2:

    Ok jeff has apparently patched the issue now and i have worked trough all emails. If you are still having issues please mail us at or join our discord and pm me directly

  • Update!

    I know some people still have at random invite issues. . Jeff is looking at it .. The above still counts just send me a mail or a private pm on discord with the mail that send the invite and i can fix it pretty fast

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