Mod: Big Chest 2.0

  • Greetings one and all!


    I made improvements into this mod. I re-balanced the mod, as well as add something new to it.

    New: Added Tin Fragments(made in Farmer's Table) Used to make Tin Ingots.
    New: Added Tin Ingots(made in Bloomery) Used to make Bronze Ingots.
    New Added Bronze Ingots(made in Bloomery) Used to make Big Storge Chest.
    New: Tin/Bronze Smelting Speed and Efficiency

    Changed: Bigger Storge Chest is now called Steel Lockbox. Needs 10 Steel, 10 Iron Ingots and 10 Lumber(still made in Carpentry Table)
    Changed: Big Storge Chest is now 10 Lumber, 10 Bronze Ingots.(still made in Carpentry Table)
    Changed: Bronze and Tin can be made in Blaster!

    Fixed: Smelting Bronze incorrect recipe

    Just unzip this in the /mod folder and you are done! :)
    This Mod works great with Clay's Toolkit!

    Would love Feedback, please and thank you!!!!

  • Will Tin and Bronze be able to be made in the blast furnace ????

    As for the bronze I would do 1 tin and 2 copper per ingot in the blast furnace

  • I can update it to do Blaster, and think of this new change for Bronze.


  • Also.. was thinking of add the mod, as well as Recycle into one bigger Mod.. Thoughts?

  • Will add to the server once you make the changes, thx

  • Ok changed it. Now can smelt in Blaster :)
    As for recipe, Old way was 5 Tin Ingots, 5 Copper Ingots, but changed it to 5 Tin, 10 Copper


  • Big Chest 2.1 uploaded

    Fixed a small bug with Smelting Bronze.

  • Thank you make the Big Chest Mod.
    I have a Question, can you make a Better Stockpile Mod?

  • Aye I am working on it.. waiting for mod kit so it will not be yucky white default skin

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