Changing server seed

  • Does anyone know how to change the server seeds when hosting through a web host. Using Pingperfect as my host

  • I think you can by editing the in the config folder and look for "InitialSpawnNoiseSeed": 48542457,"

    just remember to stop the server first. make a backup

  • thats what resources spawn into the server at beginning so if it only 100 wheat you can change it to 1000

  • @chaorfighter
    To change your world seed at ping perfect and regular servers do the following.
    1: stop server,
    2: delete old world file if there is already one, (its in the Storage folder)
    3: go to Config Folder, -> open
    Here is a small part of the start of the file,
    4: Change the number 1, this one i mean ( "$id": "1",) to any other number you like to generate another world.

    "$id": "1",
    "Dimensions": {
    "x": 100,
    "y": 100
    "WaterLevel": 75,
    "Height": 150,
    "Module": {

  • from what the pingperfect tech support did you do not change that number if you ctrl+f and type in seed you change the first search result then you wait about 10-15 minutes for the server to restart once you restart your world

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