Pollution information?

  • Is there a primer somewhere on how pollution works? I find myself quite confused by the spread, speed, and intensity.
    I put up a blast furnace some 20 blocks away from a river (probably not the smartest idea...) but since the bloomery I have kept Tailings completely contained in chests. The water SUDDENLY changed purpler, and the soil levels everywhere read 1% pollution. But I don't understand if the pollution is by way of air from the blast furnace smokestack, or if the blase furnace inherently dumps pollution into the soil and it seeps into the water?
    Also, does pollution move up river? If it is to be believed that pollution only spreads with the flow or water then apparently the river pollution is coming from some 40 blocks upstream...or have I just played too much Cities; Skylines, and pollution doesn't work like that?

  • One trick is to look at the data on the server's website and see how the air pollution is spreading.

  • I have tryied this add cant see on the map the pollution spread

  • i have been experiancing a simular event. polution suddenly rizing in a spot.
    i have checked the map cant see any pollution even around my factory where i make charcoal and refine my oil.

    so now im strolling the forums trying to find a source that could cause this.

  • OK, here is how I do this. First, while on the server, I click on Graphic and wait til the web browser loads. Then on the map, click on Map Layers, and scroll down and look for Air Pollution Spread and then go where my factories/Chimneys are and see all the purple gooeyness go all around the area.

  • so i checked the polution map and when i slowed it down i found this:

    There is nothing close to there that should produce this kind of pollution.
    the only thing is a bloomery that hasnt been used in 3 days a little further north-west.

    also the range of the factory pollution cloud does not reach the town.

    edit: This is a map of air pollution spread

  • did someone drop tailings or bury them there?

  • If it was a bloomery then maybe they were burning coal?

    Other than that, you got me...

  • no and no i checked there is no continuing ground pollution and what was there is now gone. i think it might have been acid rain or something

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