[U.K] Realm Of Insanity - Unlimited Slots - No Meteor! V0.5.5.2 - Looking for staff!

  • Greetings & Salutations everyone!
    I am very pleased to announce Realm Of Insanity is back and better than before!
    What are we planning? well first thing is first We would like to establish a town
    in order to do so we need you to come and build and set up shops and farms etc

    We are also looking for staff!

    Server info:
    Name: Realm Of Insanity
    As of writing this we are on Day 7 with 95 citizens!
    We will NOT wipe unless needed
    Server backs up every 5 Mins
    Mods: Set home & Teleport
    Discord: Text Channel & Voice Channel
    Website: ***[W.K.Z] Community***

    We hope to see you in town!

    • [W.K.Z] Community

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