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    We have 1 currency at the moment, treasury, and etc. i know that in order for the town to make money , people need to trade , contracts, direct transfers, and all the taxes from that goes to treasury, theres also a crafting fee tax. how does that work if more people have their own mint and create their own currency? we are still trying things out. so the economy part of the game is kinda new to us still. if more people can create their own money and have their own treasury , not sure if i like that. what is the point of trading and adding taxes to the system.
    thx in advance.

  • if you set the mint down, other players can make their own coins based off of your currency. If another player set down a mint, they could make up a new currency as well. If they did, they would be competing with your currency. Best Bet is to 'pay' your friends/neighbors with your money and set up a few stores with it as well as contracts to help get the 'coins flowing'. That way, it would be kinda silly to start a new coin. Hope this helps!

  • It is up to you for your currency to be the dominant one. You need market incentives to have your currency used. That is all part of the game, and it is a great metagame.

  • We are Testing a concept for the economy / currency on our server. As Admin I have made a shop for the players to make coin. I then started up the currency and set the tax's adding 10k in Coins. This is a community sales shop. So the shop is only stocked if a player sells to it and make some coin. But then other players can buy these items that the other playerer has sold to the shop. More info in our forums here:

    I Invite you to go check it out maybe it will help give you some ideas looking at how i have it setup.
    You can type /spawn to teleport there after joining the server.

  • thx for the replies gentleman...ill give that a try....

  • Yes i've also been thinking about this and i'm pretty sure more things can happen to make currencies more popular.
    Our president's pal putted up a shop which asks certain goods and if you sell it in that shop you'll get coins because tbh atm you need to craft them yourself in the mint which isn't ideal at all. Example; sell 1 timber, get 5 coins, etc.

    As feedback for future updates perhaps labor work by the government could earn you coins (build roads, build a house, town hall, bank, shopping area -> community area's, you literally work for the government). Mostly those will bring in a currency to get things started, so i'd love to have more options to spread the currency. Ever borrowing some kind of loan from the 'bank/mint' to get you a quick head-start with coins.

    Making them yourself and specing into gold efficiency is mandatory for now if you want to make loads of credits, if nothing else has been setup like the shop for example. Other then that nobody would want a different currency if everybody uses the same and if the value/good is decent enough. It's much more handy compared to trading good v good since you only need currency.

    Last but not least you need to have a certain job, not all over the place with all the skills and everyone can create everything. Nobody bothers to buy things if you can create everything, which is still an issue imo. The more specialisation, the more others will/can buy because of demand. Same for the buildings; others can use your buildings with a certain tax value. If everybody has everything they won't use your building; if everybody is specialised they will need other builds, therefore need a currency to use them (in case it has a tax rating on it). It's a snowball effect really -> you get coins, use it on someone else's machine, they get coins, buy this product / use that building,... it goes on and on. :)

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