Clays Toolkit - v1.2 - For Alpha 5.5.3, 5.5.4

  • Can I request an addition?
    We all know currency is a big thing at some point for each of our servers. Anyway we can add that in addition to votings 10 SP (whatever) we also add the ability to give a set amount of the planets currency?

    "Thanks for voting for the server! Here is 10SP and 50 Currency. come back daily for more rewards!"

    That would be very helpful for currency integration :D

  • @indigochicken That is a brilliant idea to get people to login daily, but we have another issue which leaves us with manually having to type in commands, at this moment we cannot handle any events such as login, log out events etc. so at the moment we are not able to detect when someone logs in. Although what I can do is add a mod that they can do /daily or something like that which gives them the daily rewards. that should be very easy to implement but it's yet another command xD

    @toxxikz to be honest what the devs can do is load the world properly. at the moment I see a loading world in the loading screen and when the game loads the world was not loaded, so what is happening during that time? The time spent in loading screen should load everything, from the UI, world and the chunks around you. when the game loads you should see everything loaded. This will also remove any issues we have bypassing doors etc.

    As for the Teleport mod I think I will just convert it with the Teleport Request and Teleport Accept. This way no one can hop from one place to another and no one will be able to annoy people. Thank you everyone for the feedback, I will be implementing this system this weekend and doing another release :)

  • @ClayC Im having trouble adding an apikey for vote what number line is it that I have to change? i thought i had it then errors rekt me and i tried the ingame command and i kept getting an error and getting booted

  • @Yellow first make sure that you have the latest version of ClaysTK v1.2 as I did another update just yesterday,
    now if that is good, go to, if you haven't listed your server yet, add it to the list, YOU NEED AN ACCOUNT FOR THIS

    To find the ApiKey you have to go to My Options > Manage Your Servers

    on this page you have to find your server and under it you have API Key. copy the key it gives you there.

    Next go ingame while logged into your server, type in /apikey and paste your key.

  • @ClayC ive done all this but i got an error and got kicked i tried putting it in in the .cs file but didnt know where ;-;

  • @Yellow I will DM you if you don't mind


  • Hey there @ClayC, thanks for releasing this, I wanted to put together a mod to work with 's API and you saved me a lot of time and effort, you're awesome!

    One thing of note, I think you forgot to change the value for the stove storage size, I increased it to 4800 like you did in the others

    I'm about to install this, I'd say wish me luck but I feel confident it will work just fine :)

  • Now if we can just increase the store inventory size, I hate setting up 4 and 5 stores just because the store can't hold enough to sell and allow enough space to buy items at the same time

  • @toxxikz What is stopping you from increasing the size?

  • @Desmond-Clarke Because in the mod folder there are only 2 files for the store...Store.cs and StoreObject.cs in both of those I have not been able to find the component that needs to be modified for the actual store portion. I am not wanting to change the private or public storage but the actual store inventory, being that it is a shared storage that has multiple call backs I have not been able to determine how to modify that portion.If it was the private or public storage that would be easy, but I can't seem to find a reference to the component being used for the actual store inventory. Also bear in mind i'm still kinda new to C#... more used to Cobol lol.

  • @toxxikz the store inventory size may not be as simple as the others but I'll see what I can find and maybe have this ready for v1.3, no promises ;)

  • @ClayC Thanks that would be awesome....

    Also was thinking about it, the light source toggle, i like it but it requires you to be on the server at the time and to be at that location, so say in town to turn off all of the braziers or street lamps once you progress that far..... would it be possible to set a trigger to a time of day in game to come on and turn off..... just saying for a town with 50 braziers thats a lot of time walking around turning them all off and back on everytime in game night comes and goes.

  • Are you ready for v1.3? I hope so cause it's around the corner :)

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