Clays Toolkit - v1.2 - For Alpha 5.5.3, 5.5.4

  • Clays Toolkit is here with the first batch of mods ported and tested for 5.5.2 onwards

    Please report any issues you may find by leaving a comment below.

    Extract into Mods folder.

    Mods Included:

    Clays Toolkit Base Mod
    Contains the saving and chat features for mods to base off of
    Now also providing a list of online users, admins and online admins

    Vote Rewards
    in collaboration with I am proud to present vote rewards.
    Currently only rewards users a set amount of skill points
    /vote provices you with link to vote for the server
    /reward will give the reward to the player if they have casted a vote.
    /apikey - add an api key [AdminOnly]
    /rewardskillpoints -set a vlaue that you want to reward to your players when they cast their vote [AdminOnly]

    Set Spawn
    Set Spawn with ease of use
    /setspawn - Sets the current admin's location as the spawn location
    /spawn - brings the player back to set spawn location

    Admin Commands
    Including /online and /online-count
    /admins to display the list of admins on the server
    /online-admins to display the list of currently online admins

    custom timings and modes (slow 1 message every time and fast all every time), allows you to add, remove, enable, disable, list, send at will from ingame chat

    includes tp to cords for admins, tp to players for everyone costing calories and also, with cooldown.

    Toggle Light Sources
    right-click to turn off or on, any light sources (pauses fuel consumption also)

    Gaming Experience Improvements
    Better Shovel, holding up to 10 items in shovel instead of just the 1 - Removed for 5.5.3 as it was implemented in the base game
    Better Chests, chests can now be filled to the brim
    Better Carts, with the all new tyres, we can hold more weight!
    Fuel Woodpulp, burn Woodpulp in campfire, bakery oven, stove
    Increased weight limits of Anvil, Blast Furnace, Carpentry Table, Cement Kiln, Kiln, Machine Shop, Stove, Wainwright Table, Workbench.

    /motd-on - Activates MOTD
    /motd-off - Deactivates MOTD
    /motd-list - List all MOTDs
    /motd-remove [ID} - Remove Message with given ID
    /motd-add [MESSAGE] - Adds Message to list of MOTDs
    /tp [USERNAME] - Teleport to an online username for a cost (calories)
    /tp [x],[y],[z] - Teleport to co-ordinates given. (ADMIN ONLY)
    /online - Display online players count + list
    /online-count - Displays online players count
    /online-admins - Displays online admins list
    /admins - Displays admins list
    Right click on light sources to turn them off or on.

    /motd-add Hello World
    /motd-remove 0

    A Toolkit for all servers with modular mods, want to remove a mod? find it, and delete it.

    Thanks to:
    @ClayC - Programmer
    @Endimmion - Tester (Vote Rewards)
    @Zaskersky - Tester
    @FinalBossXII - Tester

    Please use the official Clay's ToolKit website to download any version you like.

  • Great work @ClayC, for the newest addition to your mod pack,
    realy like the Vote Rewards, you created together/for

  • @ClayC Works perfect Thank you so much. All my players are very happy right now.

  • @ClayC Thank you very much for the support of API. Great work

  • Thanks Clay.
    Always good to see an idea come to life.

    Now how do we use it (vote) for the slow people like me, do we need to edit the file or what, ad in the server url or api ??

  • Does this auto sync with meaning do I have to do anything backend to make it work?

  • Sorry I should have included more info on the Vote Rewards,
    First thing to do is setup the server with,
    In the Manage your servers page you should find the api key for the server you are setting up, copy it,
    Now from the ClaysToolKit folder in Mods on your server files open claystk-vote.cs, find the line where it says ServerAPI and where there is "" paste your key between the double quotes. save and load up the server.
    I will be making this easier to setup in the near future

  • @ClayC thanks for the info! We will be totally setup soon! Your mod is fantastic and we are very pleased!

  • Please note v1.2 has been updated, please make sure to update your server accordingly if you wish to use the added features.

  • @ClayC Just an FYI, I believe the bigger shovel is out of the game in favor of stockpiles as of 5.6. The bigger shovel was never intended to be in the game for long.

  • @MGrand3 I will be looking at 5.6 during this weekend :) I am quite eager to say the least, but thank you for the heads up :)

  • @ClayC First let me say loving this mod kit.

    I have a question, as far as the TP command, well I can see this being used quite easily to grief. In my case people use it to TP into my locked house to get at the items i have in my public storage which i should not have to worry about with my house locked, but as long as I am in my house they can still get in.

    Would it be possible to set it to not allow them to TP to me if I am on claimed land?

  • @toxxikz that is a good idea, I will look into it, thank you for the feedback :)

  • @toxxikz
    That's a good suggestion indeed, for future teleport update's.
    I do want to bring another problem to attention that is part of the vanilla game, That gives you the same problem on a even worse scale.
    When people teleport to you, Toxxikz the can get in your house and taken items from unlocked chest and workbenches.
    But currently when people login and out of the game it takes a x amount of time to load all world object for example doors,
    And if a person relogs the doors are gone for a few moment and the can walk in and out of your house/base that way even when your offline, so even if clay improves on his teleport, the base vanilla game need a serious improvement in the future on this issue,

  • literally the best my dude XDD

  • @toxxikz there is the lock feature on chests but obviously its a little annoying to have to manually lock them all you make a valid point.
    @ClayC Maybe make it a tp request and accept style system

  • @Yellow my chests are locked, but i do have someone else on my deed so we can share resources working together... so we use a lot of public storage for our finished products.... makes it annoying when the TP in and mess with your stuff, my house is locked i shouldn't have to worry about it.

    @Zaskersky.... it wouldn't be hard for the Devs to set a trigger to not allow you to move for the first 10 seconds after returning to game.... to allow things to load. Would be a good suggestion and it should be very simple to implement.

  • @toxxikz fair point hopefully something will be done about it in the next update for the time being you'll just have to hope that peeps gonna be nice I personally give a 48 hour ban to any greifers and a lifetime ban to second time offenders

  • Can I request an addition?
    We all know currency is a big thing at some point for each of our servers. Anyway we can add that in addition to votings 10 SP (whatever) we also add the ability to give a set amount of the planets currency?

    "Thanks for voting for the server! Here is 10SP and 50 Currency. come back daily for more rewards!"

    That would be very helpful for currency integration :D

  • @indigochicken That is a brilliant idea to get people to login daily, but we have another issue which leaves us with manually having to type in commands, at this moment we cannot handle any events such as login, log out events etc. so at the moment we are not able to detect when someone logs in. Although what I can do is add a mod that they can do /daily or something like that which gives them the daily rewards. that should be very easy to implement but it's yet another command xD

    @toxxikz to be honest what the devs can do is load the world properly. at the moment I see a loading world in the loading screen and when the game loads the world was not loaded, so what is happening during that time? The time spent in loading screen should load everything, from the UI, world and the chunks around you. when the game loads you should see everything loaded. This will also remove any issues we have bypassing doors etc.

    As for the Teleport mod I think I will just convert it with the Teleport Request and Teleport Accept. This way no one can hop from one place to another and no one will be able to annoy people. Thank you everyone for the feedback, I will be implementing this system this weekend and doing another release :)

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