Looking for a Few People to Establish Town

  • Hey Guys.

    I'm looking for a few people who would be interested in joining together as a team and working together in Eco. Must be able to play a substantial amount. I would love for each of us to specialize and trade and have an economy. If anyone is interested, feel free to message me!


  • I could

  • Hello,

    We have just wiped our server and have are trying something new. witch is building a big town. Last night some of the players and i have made the road layouts and spaced out 15x15 9 claim plots for players to setup there own shop in town, or even just build a home. So if it's playing as a big group to make a big town your looking for? I invite you to come and check out are work in progress on the ECO WASTE Server.

    Have A Great Day

  • @mrogers6t Hey would love to do something like this on my server just upgraded last week from 5.4.
    Me and a few mates would love to do something like this i am on probably more than i should be every day XD if interested just shoot me a PM or reply to this
    Server - Realm Of Insanity
    Day 7 - 95 Citizens
    Website - [W.K.Z] Community
    Discord - Text Channel And Voice Channel
    Our server also has the set home and tp plug-ins
    I specialize in farming and cooking (Since the update it kinda works now :P)
    Would love to make a town just remember it will take time to get a full town up and running!

    • The [W.K.Z] Community
      P.S Meteor is off if needed can be switched back on

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