Trees underwater

  • When the trees fall into the water after being cut down, they can no longer be chopped to harvest wood. Also, it looks like you can't even use the ax underwater at all. Is that a bug or something that will get changed following alpha?

  • You cant use any tools underwater atm. It is probs a bug.

  • I would also like to add that I have seen full trees roll into deeper waters and then they would start to glitch out, including just sitting there blinking in and out of view.

  • My wife laughed at the fact that the trees didn't float. Perhaps floating trees would help a lot, being able to cut them from land if they do happen to fall into the water.

    Protip: Don't pounce on your tree after you cut it - it will only encourage it to roll away.

  • It just fell in the water. Yeah, floating trees would work better. I noticed the sinking thing too, but my guess is that's an alpha thing.

  • Well trees should float so you can float them down rivers to transport them. it would be nice.

  • I'm hoping in the future people won't be able to carry dozens of trees and there'll be more involved in processing, maybe some water powered mills, etc.

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