ECO's Design Limits and Goals

  • From what I have been reading in many of the discussions is lots of great ideas that I really like and I assume that many people really like and want to implement.

    My concern with this is that there is a ton of ideas and some are super ambitious and would be awesome but might not be feasible. It seems like what is happening is that we are hoping to simulate the world in its entirety. Which to be honest is not feasible at this time.

    So the question is where are the boundaries that ECO is trying to fill and what are the places that probably will not/should not be crossed or attempted at this time.

    NOTE: In no way am I saying that we should not be making ideas and such, there are some great questions that I have see but for actual implementation and coding what are the boundaries?

  • Indeed, and I think it's fine to 'blue-sky' a bit at the early stages of the project now. Our goal remains focused on getting the core game working and fun, and not work on side stuff until thats ready, though the dev community can work on whatever they're passionate about and we'll do our best to integrate it into the game if it makes sense.

    So to start, building up the tech to stop a meteor within an ecosystem simulation, government simulation, and economy simulation (and criminal justice if we hit that stretch goal) will be the focus. But dont stop the idea!

  • I'm looking forward to seeing the design documents and goals that the Strange Loop Devs are working from. Will that information be available with (or before) the opening of the source?

  • i belive the ultimate goal in the end should be a good mod api .. just look at minecraft what the mods have done .. i believe that is one of the reasons why minecraft became a hit and still is alive and well .. without mods i think minecraft would be dead already to much repetition and nothing new to do. to do a good mod api support it should be done right frome the beginning or else its just a pain in the **** and almost impossible to do ( taking minecraft as en example again .. mod support has been promised for a long time ago and still there is nothing)

  • I don't know much about Java, but .NET's reflection should make it somewhat easy to mod even parts that aren't exposed. Plus, with access to the source code, we can make the modding API better ourselves - something that is out of question in Minecraft.

  • java is basically just like c# .. just much more shittier and allot slower and less secure and so on =P only positive with java is that's its multi platform right out of the box beside that its just shit =P there i said it ..

  • Yep! Trello is up now
    We'll link design docs there when we have ones to share. We'll have an art board too.

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