maybe a temporary solution to the cart ordeal

  • was wondering if it was possible to add a way to "summon" the cart via the deed. That could be a way to retrieve the missing carts until a full fix is found for why they disappear in the first place.
    Or clear its inventory and added back to the backpack.
    Maybe add a "retrieve cart" button or something in the deed.

    Would actually be helpful if your cart ends up in a river.

  • The issue with the carts is the world border, if you pass over the world border (ie from 998,999,0,1,2,3) on your coords then pass back over the cart should be visible. Even if you could summon it you would still need to cross the world border to see it. This is a rendering issue and it is being worked.

  • i have tried that. Since my cart disappeared in my mines that cross the border. I walk past the border a lot. yet two of my carts are still remaining invisible :P i guess that's the bad part in choosing the border as home base

    I hope it gets fixed soon thou.

  • Powered carts are still vanishing and it has nothing to do with the world borders. I placed a powered cart, never moved it and after no one was near the cart it vanished and it's coordinates read (436, 75, -151) only three powered carts have been made on our server and all three powered carts have vanished and do the same with that last set of coordinates being negatives.

  • ouch, powered carts going missing too? that got to be painful since they are so expensive to make. And yeah, seems like all the carts go missing if they end up in an unloaded chunk. As soon as you walk away and the chunk unloads, they vanish out of bounds.

  • And i can confirm that world border doesnt have anything to do with the carts going missing. Another player on the server i play with had his cart go missing, and his base is on the opposite side of the world. Nowhere near the border. But he crashed, logged back in and his cart was missing. His came back tho after the world got to load a little around him.

    Ive had one cart disappearing and reappearing. two lost completely and not coming back no matter how i load the chunks around me. They stubbornly stay out of bounds.
    My carts has prop something to do with the border, they both vanished completely around 20 "blocks" away from the border.
    But my friends cart vanishing is a different thing. Its too far from the border.
    Other players in my world has had their carts going missing when unloading the chunks. And they too are far from the border.

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