Swordfish Community ECO Server

  • Hey guys, Ive recently started my own ECO server, its version 5.5.4, we all about helping each other being a community to enjoy and have fun. really want to expand the server and get more people coming to join and have fun with us, you can join us at : or find the name "Swordfish ( No Meteor) in the server list. I hope ill see you there!

    Discord: https://discord.gg/YQvy4P3

  • This is the first server i have played on since getting the game. Really nice people, always happy to help. Would recommend.

  • Thank you, i appreciate that :)

  • Hi Fyrstikken - I've been playing Eco for a few months on a small server with 2 RL friends and we are looking to join a bigger community and see more of what Eco is all about. Are you guys still active? And how's it going in your world?

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