Smelting Frunaces ideas and sugestions.

  • I know we already have the blast furnace, but how about another tier that requires electronics skills to make, that runs off of generators?

    Introducing the "Arc Furnace"

    Materials to build?

    • 80 Steel
    • 40 Circuits

    Room requirements:?

    • Must be made of at least 32 corrugated steel with an area of 45.
    • Can only share the room with 2 other crafting benches.
    • Must have a chimney.

    Power requirements:?

  • Actually it requires cooling water in real life and the slag is more of an issue.

    Tailings is actually refining at the minesite before you even smelt it, so not made in furnaces.

    Maybe Clinker is a more accurate description of the collective byproducts.

  • I think you might want to check your facts Neoni. In real life arc furnaces they lower two giant carbon electrodes into a crucible full of iron or steel. This creates an ark between the electrodes which burns at around 2800 degrees fahrenheit, if they tried water cooling this process the metals would not melt thereby making the process of an arc furnace not work. When an arc furnace is smelting metals the process is twice as efficient as a blast furnace and produces little slag, one run of a blast furnace will produce roughly 10,000 pounds of liquid metal and roughly around 500 pounds of slag which is then reprocessed further to get other metals and impurity cleaned up. Back in the 1980's this slag was dumped and was for the most part non-harmful to the environment although there is a chance of some impurities in the slag that is harmful so regulations on slag dumping was put in place. As far as water cooling it never happens to the furnace of a smeltry it happens in the forming area of the factory to remove scaling from the metal being formed. In fact water would be a bad thing for an arc furnace when you have thousands of watts and volts of electricity flowing at all times.

    As far as in game the blast furnace produces more slag then an arc furnace. Having slag in game would not be a bad thing as the devs could make an item that can further refine the slag to get gold and copper in small amounts. I would suggest before trolling ideas in the ideas and feedback forums that you do your research before posting.

  • You mean the hollow busbars having water-cooling inside them or the roof of the furnace that is water cooled.
    Try again

    Clinker was used to make concrete in combination with cement.
    I'm only aware of it because other games used that byproduct as an ingredient.

  • Ok you are correct about the water cooling, here read this. Clinker is not a real life by-product of an arc furnace.

  • No clinker is a collective name of a number of byproducts and is usually associated with coal burning furnaces.

    But since it's used as a way to make concrete out of cement, it will give a good use to the byproduct.

  • Here is what Clinker Waste is as for the clinker used for portland cement it's a different type of clinker and not associated with clinker waste, here is the portland cement clinker

    There is a difference between the two as portland cement makes clinker from limestone and clay, this topic on the clinker has intrigued me a bit and I have learned a bit off it and I appreciate you pointing it out to me. I do believe the clinker waste could be used for foot paths as that's what it was originally used for, maybe the player could get a bonus to walk speed on the clinker foot path.

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