Vanishing Carts?

  • playing on a dedicated server..

    log out for 2 mins and log back into find my carts gone.

    so i use the GPS deal with the deed and its not even on the map! its 1000m up!?

    is there a work around?

    2017-04-06 (5).png

  • @stormoffires The "height-coordinate" is the second one. The third one is the z-coordinate, so north/south. Assuming you have a 1000x1000 map, this means the cart is out of bounds, likely due to the world border glitch. We're unsure as to why this is happening, but just hanging out in the area might be enough to update its position.

    EDIT: Actually, looking more into this..

    1. Your deed says it's right next to you, am I misremembering the order of the coordinates on the deed or something, or is it just counting the wrong coordinates.

    2. For some reason my deed doesn't even show the coordinates of my cart right now so I can't even test for myself.. (5.5.3)

  • It sure is a head scratcher, the third coordinate at least when looking at the top right of the screen is your height. After a server restart 3 of the 4 carts are back, one i dont think ill ever see again its never reappeared. still reads below the map.

    the image i posted is from 5.5.3, and yes it should be next to me.
    as you can see in this new photo its back, at 116,77,80 and i am again standing at 115,76,82


  • I could have sworn the coords were EW/Height/NS at one point..

  • i have had ramps with empty space under them "eat" my cart so that I have to pick up the ramp and then empty and pick up cart.

  • @Ladyelf Ramps do seem to be a common cause of carts disappearing.

  • @MGrand3 They must just fall through since the ramps are one of the last things to load.

  • I had this happen and mine is sitting at like, -97...Allegedly underground? Is there anyway to make them reload, or respawn, or anything?

  • @urb4n0ninj4 server restart seemed to work for all but 1, that 1 will never return. RIP first cart :D

  • Forgive my noobery, but do you mean just closing down the server and opening the launcher again, or hitting something in the server console that will restart it? Because I tried just closing it down and booting it up again and it remained at -97. Oddly, i force myself to fall through the world and I don't see it on my decent into the abyss XD

  • @urb4n0ninj4 nope you got it right, just a close/open of the server works. if that doesnt solve it then i fear your cart has ended up like mine, forever lost.

  • This is heartbreaking...I finally named it, and it ran away. I loved that cart.
    Can we make grave markers yet? It seems only appropriate...

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