Powering the Pumpjack

  • I cant seem to place the pump jack anywhere where my powergrid will affect it. Ive tried in buildings with power, outside with power, next to a combustion generator. How to do you get this thing power to run?

  • I run mine with a steam generator atm.2017-04-06 (4).png

  • Yea, to know what machine works with what engine you actualy have to test it or look into the files.
    Currently there's 2 forms of power, Electric Power and Mechanical Power.

    The pumpjack needs electric power,

    SteamGenerator - ElectricPower
    InductionGenerator - ElectricPower
    ElectricGenerator - ElectricPower
    CombustionGenerator - MechanicalPower
    Windmill - MechanicalPower
    Waterwheel - MechanicalPower