Pollution meter

  • I saw a pollution meter in the Dev video and a hydrometer, we have been able to spawn the hydrometer, but is there wa way to spawn in the pollution meter?

  • Yes this tool would be helpful to find tailiings that grifing players have left behind.

  • @Alderone Looking into (and by that I mean asking Clay if he can look into) making a mod that lets you limit the placement of certain blocks to admins-only, or something along those lines.

  • @MGrand3 What do you mean? If your talking about a mod that make it so players cant place tailings. I do not like that idea. the idea of placing tailings is ok with me. But i think admins need a tool to find tailings that are say hidden and hard to find so u can remove it. (Tailings placed only to grif)

  • @Alderone I was just thinking in terms of a general anti-grief mod for public servers. The easiest way to store them is in chests anyway, at least for now. Not sure how viable that tool is to implement right now, but I'll suggest that too.

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