Incompatible Version Issue

  • I last played the game (a week or two ago) on V 5.5 and notice that now the current version is 5.5.4. I've tried downloading and opening both the current version and the future build (5.6) and I get almost entirely "Incompatible Version" alerts for all available servers, including the one I used to play on. I'm sure I am missing something similar, but what do I need to download to still play the game?

  • Many servers have not updated from 5.5.3 to 5.5.4. Too bad the ECO site doesn't list older versions, or at least not obviously.

    But you should see some servers that are on 5.5.4. I don't recommend 5.6 yet. It's extremely buggy.

  • Here's a download link for 5.5.3, which most of the servers are probably on right now: (protip: you can copy the current latest download link and just edit the version number and it should get you the right one, best workaround for it right now). As Nes said, the 5.6-staging build is HIGHLY unstable right now, and really only for testing.

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