SUGGESTION: Disallowing connections to server during generation

  • I see a lot of issues where people join their newly created servers too quickly and end up joining during the world generation process. This causes all sorts of issues, and really doesn't serve much of a purpose, so would it be able to just deny all connection attempts until the generation is finalized?

  • I second this, this is very important. In fact, I think they should make it so that there should be NO connection until you check or click a button that allows it. That way, you can have the server be on lock down until your ready. This should be the first thing it does every time you boot up the server. AKA Another setting that would be nice is "Broadcast to Serverlist" setting. Where the server does not show up on the server list UNTIL you tell it it's time to. That way you can fully configure the server FIRST. You then can have the lockdown feature help control connection until then. Now if broadcast to serverlist is turned off then lockdown wouldn't really matter as it wouldn't show up even to the public serverlist. Now if you know the server IP you could do a quick connection check etc. doing it this way.

    My thoughts.

  • @Ravenal This does seem like the safest way to do it, yeah. Allows the admin full control over what is going on.

  • While I agree with you we do have a work arounf, make the server private, generate the world and then switch to public?
    This feature will simply be a luxury, which is very nice to have ;)

  • Problem is, as soon as you boot up the server for the first time, it will become public....

  • when i create servers i always set them to public false and that is how they are by default, when ready i switch that to true and its visible on the list

  • Yeah I had mentioned this to the devs some time ago. One of the biggest support headaches we have is that people hit the "start" button, jump in the game, immediately see the server and jump in. 2 things happen - they see a desert world and the world is trying to generate with a player in it and the CPU goes more crazy then usual. Then they decided the only way to fix it is to delete the world and restart it. The bad news is that somewhere they have gotten the information that the only way to start a fresh world is to re-install the server (or that instruction is the first that pops up when they google) so they hit the install button and that blows away all the nice configuration data we had set up for them....and the server has to go through an install and they were doing this over and over - we finally had to remove the option from Eco Server owners to re-install a server. We had instructions for them to just click the big Icon that say "reset world" but they did not see that :) or that they could just delete Now they have to look a little further and click the icon or delete the file. BUT that does not solve the issue because they do the same thing. I had a guy the other day spend 4 hours "trying" to get a world going after buying a server (and before sending in a support ticket) recreating a world from fresh every few minutes trying to get one that was not a "desert". And it kind of plays havoc with the CPU to have a fresh world generating over and over again like that. He finally sent in a ticket furious that his world was like this and blaming the server for the problem. I can understand his frustration in assuming that the game would not let him in if the world was not complete yet and making him think that each world he built was broken. I have had several just this week come in discord and ask what to do about "desert" worlds. Also, it used to be that if you logged in when the world was generating it would still generate. I was getting told this week that people had logged in and it was "desert" and when I explained that was because their world had not completed generating yet they said okay but came back like an hour or so later asking 'how long should it take'. They ended up deleting that world and generating a new one - staying out of it until it was done and then they were fine. SO, especially if logging in now causes a world in the process of generating to fail, there needs to be a way to block logons until that generation is complete It is important, of course to keep a server "private" until the admin is ready to "release" or "open" it but I think that any login should be blocked until the world is completely generated. The question is does the world know when its generation is complete? Earlier version it seemed like, and it may have been coincidence that was not written until generation was complete but since 5.0 (and maybe sooner) is written and the world if you log in is not populated with trees, plants, animals etc. I used to just wait to go in until I saw but that is no longer the telltale factor anymore. I can tell from watching the CPU and see it drop down and stay down and stabilize that the world is done generating but not all new server admins are that savvy. I guess the first question is does the server know when generation is complete? Then, can the server block logons and can it keep the block until it gets the notification that the generation is complete?