Adding paint

  • I think adding paint would be a very good idea... you could have a profession that makes paint and dyes... i would love to paint my fence white and maybe my house white with a blue roof or something.... just an idea.... seemed to go over good on my server when i suggested it so i thought i would suggest it here since i didn't find anything when i did a search by the word paint

  • is it bad that this popped into my head when you said blue roof?

    Yo listen up here's a story
    About a little guy that lives in a blue world
    And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue
    Like him inside and outside
    Blue his house with a blue little window
    And a blue corvette
    And everything is blue for him
    And himself and everybody around
    'Cause he ain't got nobody to listen

    But paints/ dyes would be awesome

  • I think this could be an interesting idea, and a good way to branch out from one of the existing skill trees, such as carpentry, when you've gotten to the point where you don't have anything else to put points into, or you're not actively working on something else. Seeing more fleshed out skill trees in general would be great.

    As for fitting it into the game right now, maybe adding flowers which can be farmed, and have some sort of processing of these through agriculture? Squids might be an idea for when they do the ocean update and stuff, and I'm sure various plant materials can be worked into some sort of dye/paint too.

  • honestly i think this would be a far off feature.
    it doesnt add anything to the actual core gameplay if left just as paint.

    now if you add benifits to the painting of items.
    such as if wood items degraded over time, and paint prevented that.
    or a white structure reduced the temp inside itself. black increased it... then you get interesting.

    im all for cosmetic deco and stuff. but not early development like eco is at.

  • @gsxman said:

    or a white structure reduced the temp inside itself. black increased it... then you get interesting.

    That could actually be an interesting feature if they ever add anything to do with temperature.
    Apart from that this would be a purely cosmetic and unimportant feature though.

  • i vote for animals that die from pollution turn into zombies instead... =D

  • @MGrand3 They are working on greenhouses... If what I remember is correct the type of material it's made from will have different effects, like wood and glass greenhouse block will increase temperature, stone and glass block will decrease it, brick and glass will decrease moisture and iron and glass will increase moisture...etc.... so you can make the greenhouse from multiple different blocks to tailor it in any biome to grow what crops you want to grow without having to go halfway around the map for different crops to grow decently.

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