Iron ore below ground... where? there is any?

  • Hello... i'm playing on Rilos, and i would like some knowledge from the devs:
    The terrain generator system, generates iron, bronze, gold and coal below ground? Or the only generations is that few that appear in some mountain and a few on the ground.

    I've been digging and i probably have more than 800 stone gathered and not a single chunk or block of these ores appeared.

    Anyone have dog it before? which are the height thaat they start appearing? My mine field is huge... and nothing is popping.

  • Hi there,

    I don't play on your server but at least on mines I've noticed that it spawns more on cliffs underwater or above water, or sometimes at the very highest peaks of the mountains. Might be worth a look

  • on my server, there was a few of them above the ground as well. Our city's mine got lucky and we found all 3.

  • Yeah... those places i know, but this is not enought depending on the size of the planet. That's why i'm wondering if the terrain generator system places those ores below ground!

    Have you reach the industrial phase? on beginning, those ores fields above ground, on cliffs and mountains are not enought far more ahead on the game.

    I already gather all those spots around my house the nearest spot is 10 minuts travel not worthing the travel anymore... i hope to find ores field in my mine below ground.

  • Each server is Random. One server I found an iron vein that took me almost 20 REAL days to empty. One server I never found any Iron just tons of Copper and Gold.

    The Server I am on now we are near Computer age. We have factories and street Lamps, and our Iron vein is almost empty(our gold and copper is)

  • I personalty find ores a lot easier by looking at the bottom of lakes and rivers. I seem to always find ores that way. But like said above. it is random for every server.

  • I have also noticed that the deeper down you dig the more ores you find... can't make a mine near the surface and expect to get a lot.

  • So code talk... the script for the planet generator is set up to generate based on levels, so between say Z 100-90 you get stone/dirt/coal on a variable X and Y depth. Maybe your server generated a crap ton of iron at 50-70, its hard to say for each and the code that generates is very well randomized, only constant is sand is found only at sea level + or - 1 level. I havnt looked at the planet generation code in 9 months so it could have changed. anyone else able to verify?

  • @stormoffires From experience this feels like it's still correct. I've just started moving to where I find the iron rather than trying to move the iron to me, or find iron where we already are.

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