Animal Wipeout - The Rabbit/Turkey Conspiracy Bug

  • OK, so.

    Today for some unknown reason, it appeared every single animal just suddenly fell and died, complete wipeout. We dont have high pollution, we have been replanting wild seeds to make sure levels rise up etc, but then boom, RIP all dead.

    So on checking the Eco graphs, they confirmed what a player on our server said, a mass global death.

    But the plot thickens, on checking the finer detail, there would be 1 turkey, and 1 Hare left. Did they go on as mass killing, a somewhat Avatar relationship with a bit Jackal and Hyde thrown in?

    No idea, anyway there is a odd bug here and we dont know why, and not sure how to fix it yet, going to maybe try a backup incase something just went odd and wiped them all, but here is the graphs

  • Just a note. There have been other people in with reports of sudden loss of animals in their world. Not sure its the same issue or even related. In the other two cases both were corrolating there loss of animals with pricklypear absence. One world generated with 0 pricklypears and another was generated with 86 pricklypears and those 86 disappeared in 28 hours. It was there assumption that no/few pricklypears caused the starvation/death of all the animals. That could be coincidental and someting else is killing off the animals.... like "Jason" the bunny and "Freddy" the Turkey? Wonder if the wiki needs a horror section....

  • Haha, yea me and a member on Discord spoke about the pears, the world spawned with over 100, and we still have like 70+ alive, so it doesn't seem to be that.

  • Sort of wonder now if their assumption that pricklypears were the issue - was not right and this animal die off was some other problem. I assume that you have not polluted all your water and a bunch of the land and the air is still breathable?

  • Our levels are extremely well maintained, very low pollution, highest we have ever had an area north of the base was about 3%, but we always let it drop down to 0 again, the water is fine, only when we done a big batch of Iron etc did it go slightly colored with light pollution, but again, we let it die down.

    Air is fine, checked the graphs and all is well, from the servers graph logs its just sudden with no explanation -

  • So how to help the plant population to be stronger,
    just putting seeds down and using farming doesn't count as 'wild'.

    It seem currently the only way it helping it getting more water and hoping it survives ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Cant say i've noticed this, i'll have to try, im the farmer on our server so i'll plant down some unclaimed patches and see if theres any benefit

  • Animals don't distinguish between player planted plants and naturally spawned ones.

    I'll definitely open an issue and look into it - just make sure none of your admin players got cheeky and typed in /godofdeath or /shinigami or something. If you can find a way to reproduce this, please post it in here:

  • Hi there,

    Myself and Conroy are the only admins and we haven't type either of them. We did try to spawn animals in but before and after restart it didn't register on the animal data

  • We have both just spoken on teamspeak, and I can confirm neither of us have entered these commands.

  • @craig.jong Craig on that note, is there a way inside the eco server file we can increase the spawns of the very very low wild numbers to bring this back up to speed to where we were?

  • @Conroy1988 Already replied to you on Discord, but for future reference / anyone else wondering, you can look in in your config folder and alter the values there under the respective

    "Name": "xxxx"

    section in the file. Replace xxxx with the name of the plant/animal you want to change, such as "Bison" or "Camas".

  • @MGrand3 on further investigation, me and MG found the current values, testing increasing the "naturalSpawnPercent", will post back the findings.

    "NaturalSpawnPercent": 0.8,
    "GrowthRate": 0.2,
    "SpreadRate": 0.5,
    "SpeciesChangeRate": 0.02,
    "CalorieValue": 25.0,
    "Name": "Wolf",
    "SyncToClient": false,
    "Range": {
    "min": 0.0,
    "max": 1.9

  • I would increase the species change rate and/or the range max.

  • @craig.jong Testing this now :) thanks

  • @craig.jong in 12 hours I havent really noticed any real big change with changing those values, however oddly enough our server seems to be re-populating naturally, we are almost back up at the values we had pre-Rab/Turk conspiracy.

  • Species change rate will simply increase the rate at which the repopulate and the max, assuming you changed the values of the herbivores, should increase the maximum population of all the animals.

    If you're doing this to an already generated server, the latter change will take a very long time to notice since the base rate of animal change is very low.

  • @craig.jong Thanks mate, i'll have to test these over the space of a few days :)

  • Can confirm we have managed to get levels back to good standings :)

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