Linux Server ?

  • well sure it is ! if its a private server no one says anything against it .. And i know several hosting companies that have 1 server as there domain server and all there game servers run windows 7 .. There is no license thing that says you cant ;)

  • ok, thanks :-)

  • Correct. As well, as a hosting company, they don't charge you for the Windows license. They only charge you to connect to their service. What is on the other side of that connection is irrelevant, as they are not charging you for the OS, just the ability to connect to their IP address.

    That is the kicker. You must have a "commercial / business" license and/or internet connection to do as such. ISPs don't like finding people hosting servers on their residential side...

  • I know there are some ISP''s that dont like people hosting home servers. but where i am living and in many countries hosting a home server is no issue =) though you can check that by giving your isp a call

  • Also true. Business connections are very, very nice.

  • Of course I want to rent a dedicated server to host the game. My "home internet" is too slow. And I think virtual servers are too slow for this game, too.

  • There are LOTs of hosts out there. Depending upon where you are in the world, you just have to search them out.

  • @NoBlackThunder I was moreso referencing commercial, paid hosting on private connections ;). If you want to charge others for the service, that's when one would get into a bit of trouble on a residential connection.

  • yea you cant have a commercial server host on your home connections but hosting privat / community servers have never been an issue where i am living

  • Yep, if one has the speed and the system to setup a server, get after it! :D. It's not difficult on Windows.

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